How a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help You With a DUI During COVID

Understand Your OUI Rights.

Capacity limits and shutdowns at bars, restaurants, and other businesses have reduced the overall number of drivers on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, convictions for OUI in Massachusetts have not been paused, and folks are still being charged with DUI during COVID both here and in other US states.

A Critical Time to Get a DUI Defense Attorney

Many of us have been working from home lately, or haven’t been on the road as often as usual. This has led to fewer arrests for DUI during COVID. And yet, in the midst of all these restrictions, perhaps the most significant DUI-related Massachusetts court order in decades has made this a crucial time for finding a DUI defense attorney.

Following an 11-month delay, a Massachusetts court ordered that notices be sent to 27,000 people across the state to alert them of possible eligibility for a new trial in past drunk driving cases. This is because of the landmark case around the Draeger 9510 Alcotest breathalyzer devices, which were first implemented in 2011 and have been shown to produce flawed results. 

Anyone who pleaded guilty (or who admitted to sufficient facts) in a drunk driving case involving a Draeger 9510 device between June 2011 and April 18, 2019 has grounds to return to court to challenge their conviction on account of inadmissible evidence from these flawed devices.

DUI Attorney Services & Precautions For the Pandemic

Whether your case has been unearthed due to the court order or you were charged more recently, a DUI Defense Attorney can take several precautions to help you with a DUI during COVID. These include:

  • Maintaining a robust website for clients to access all necessary information remotely
  • Holding an initial consultation over the phone rather than in-person
  • Meeting during the case through Zoom or other video conferencing software
  • Convenient mobile text communication directly with the attorney
  • Keeping you informed about evolving court policies, restrictions, and guidelines for the pandemic (and how it will affect your case)
  • Exchanging documents through a secure digital platform rather than in a paper format
  • Flexible scheduling as courts experience COVID-related delays
  • In the event of a court shutdown, securing continuances and communicating those dates promptly

All of these conveniences are a necessary part of providing an effective defense, and should incur no additional costs for clients.

Did You Get a DUI During COVID? Attorney Higgins Can Help.

Anyone charged with DUI during COVID, in Massachusetts or elsewhere, should not hesitate to find an experienced DUI defense attorney with a track record of beating cases like yours. Our clients trust Attorney Joseph J. Higgins as a top-rated DUI defense attorney in Massachusetts. Joe will be able to walk you through the shifting processes and unique considerations related to fighting your DUI during COVID. Call Attorney Higgins now at (508) 930-4273 for a free case evaluation.

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