3 Benefits of Avvo DUI Lawyers

Understand Your OUI Rights.

If you’re seeking a DUI lawyer to guide you through a difficult and stressful experience, the last thing you want is for the process of finding an experienced DUI lawyer to be stressful and difficult as well. Avvo makes finding a qualified local DUI attorney simple.


What is Avvo?

Avvo is a comprehensive online directory of attorneys. It serves as a search tool for individuals seeking legal representation from qualified local lawyers. The Avvo database contains profiles for 97% of all licensed attorneys in the entire United States. On Avvo, you can see a lawyer’s reviews, license status, practice area distribution, professional details, and Avvo rating. It’s designed to show you all of the information you could possibly need when choosing a lawyer.


Benefits of Avvo DUI Lawyers

When you choose your DUI lawyer on Avvo, you’re able to take advantage of a number of different benefits.


The Avvo Rating

Each lawyer has a rating on a scale of 1-10 that’s specific to the Avvo website; it’s assigned by the website’s operators. This rating is virtually all-encompassing. It’s calculated using a wide range of relevant factors such as education, length of experience, peer recognition within the legal profession, disciplinary status, and client reviews. If you’re someone who struggles to trust reviews, the Avvo rating can offer you peace of mind.


Fair Search Results

Search engines like Google are useful tools, but factors like paid ads listed among results and SEO quirks can be a barrier to finding the best local DUI lawyer. Avvo offers a straightforward search function with highly specific filters a site user can apply. Enter in your specifications and you’ll be presented with a list of lawyers who meet your exact criteria. This allows you to find the DUI lawyer who’s truly the best fit for you—not just the first result who comes up when you search.


Case Distribution Breakdown

One powerful advantage to using Avvo is that it enables you to view a percentage breakdown of the different types of cases an attorney works on. For example, a lawyer may take DUI cases, but that practice area might only be 5% of their cases. It’s better to have an attorney who specializes in DUIs because they will have the extensive experience that allows them to best support you. Especially for clients who are dealing with their first DUI charge, having a seasoned DUI lawyer will ensure the professional guiding you through your legal proceedings knows exactly what they’re doing.


Once You’ve Found A Lawyer…

After you’ve looked through all the local lawyers who can meet your needs and found the DUI attorney you’d like to hire, you can contact them directly through Avvo. The website offers a messaging function as well as information about how to contact lawyers externally, such as their websites, phone numbers, and email addresses.


Attorney Joseph Higgins

Attorney Joseph Higgins is a Massachusetts DUI lawyer with 10 years of experience practicing exclusively as a DUI defense attorney. He has a perfect Avvo rating of 10 and well as 4.9 stars from over 130 different reviews. To review his full credentials, visit his Avvo profile. You can contact him today for your free consultation.

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