How the Right Attorney Helps You Beat Your Cape Cod Massachusetts DUI

Facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be frightening. Officers on the scene can be intimidating, leaving you questioning your options or assuming you are going to need to plead guilty. You do have options and rights in these cases, and protecting those requires you to get a skilled Massachusetts DUI attorney on your side. 

Help You Know Your Rights

One of the most important things your Massachusetts DUI attorney will do is help you understand your rights. An OUI arrest rarely happens like the movies or television shows depict. Often, officers will use questions and even intimidation techniques to try to get information from you, and this can put your case at risk. Assert your right to remain silent and insist upon your right to an attorney.

A DUI attorney has extensive experience with  Massachusetts OUI laws. They will ensure that you understand those laws. This understanding is key to protecting you from a driver’s license suspension, possible jail time, and extremely high fines.

Fighting the Validity of Field Sobriety Testing

In most cases, the police officer will request that you perform field sobriety tests.  Make no mistake, while the officer may make it sound like you have no choice, you absolutely do.  It is your absolute right to refuse to perform these tests, and, in most instances, you should refuse.  These tests can be quite unreliable.  Deficiencies in how they are administered can be used in court to cast doubt on their reliability. This is where your attorney can help. They can shed doubt on the tests or prove that they were administered or interpreted incorrectly. This can oftentimes make it very difficult for the prosecution to meet their burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Place Doubt on Chemical Tests

If you submit to a blood test, urine test, or Breathalyzer test, you might think that the results are foolproof, but they are not. In fact, they can provide erroneous results due to a number of factors. For example, if the Breathalyzer is not properly calibrated and maintained, it could provide a false positive result.  Electrical interference can also create problems with this test. Blood test results can be shown to be inadmissible if taken in a hospital setting and tested by a method not designed to produce forensic results.  Blood test results can also be inadmissible if you suffer from certain medical conditions.  Again, this is a place where an OUI attorney can help. Your attorney will know the various ways to get these tests thrown out.

Get Lower Penalties

If your failed Breathalyzer or blood test proves that you were driving under the influence, you may not be able to get your penalties dropped altogether, but Massachusetts law has a wide range of penalties. A Massachusetts OUI lawyer can help you minimize the penalties and reduce the length of license suspension.

In addition, it is possible for you to have your results reversed. Breathalyzer reversal cases do happen, and you need an attorney on your side to help with that.

Get Your Free Consultation with a Winning Cape Cod OUI Attorney

A DUI charge is a costly problem to face. You don’t have to face it alone. Attorney Joseph Higgins practices 100% OUI defense, and he knows these laws inside and out. As one of the top DUI defense lawyers in Massachusetts, Attorney Higgins gets results. You don’t have to give in to the DUI or OUI charges you face. With the right attorney helping, you can successfully fight and beat your DUI.

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