What Percent of DUI Cases Get Dismissed in Massachusetts?

When you face DUI charges in Massachusetts, working with a DUI defense attorney is one of the best ways to get your charges dropped or penalties lessened. The best case scenario is having your charges dropped altogether, but just what percent of DUI cases get dismissed altogether in Massachusetts? Here is a closer look at the numbers and what your Massachusetts DUI defense attorney can do to help.


A Look at the Numbers

Nationally, between 10 and 20% of all DUI cases end up with the charges dropped. In Massachusetts, the number is closer to the higher end of that, around 20%, because of strict laws about what has to be proven to get DUI charges to stick. In addition, a recent ruling about breathalyzer testing in the state has increased the number of cases that have been dropped.


How Charges Get Dropped

So, what causes DUI charges to get dropped? The key to understanding these cases is understanding what is required for a DUI case to stick. In order for the charges to be valid, the officers who arrest the driver must perform all tests accurately. This starts with field sobriety testing.


Field sobriety testing has to be done in a very precise way to hold up in court, and often, they’re administered poorly. This can create doubt in the mind of the courts as to whether or not you are truly guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Your attorney will work with you to create a case that shows this guilt.


Second, your arrest requires chemical testing. Blood, urine, and Breathalyzer tests are all common, and these may seem like they can’t be wrong, but they can. Breathalyzers have become so unreliable that the state is dropping this testing altogether. Blood tests have to follow specific protocols to be admissible in court, and many times these are overlooked. Similarly, urine testing can be unreliable as well.


As you can see, it’s possible to shed doubt on the charges in several ways. Getting help from a Massachusetts OUI attorney is key, though, because your attorney will know the details of the laws and how to shed doubt on your guilt. They will know the technicalities to point to that show your case wasn’t handled properly, increasing the odds of getting the DUI dropped.


How to Pick a Lawyer

As you consider your options to fight your DUI charges, you need to find the right lawyer. Don’t just Google “DUI lawyer near me” and choose the first one. You need to do a little research to choose a skilled, effective lawyer. A DUI defense lawyer that will do the job well is going to have statistics about their successful DUI cases. They will have a plan for fighting your case and will offer a free or low-cost consultation to give you insights into the case and your chances of a dismissal.


Massachusetts DUI penalties are stiff. Hiring an attorney increases your chances of having the case dismissed and avoiding those penalties, making it well worth the cost.


Schedule a Consultation with a skilled Massachusetts DUI Lawyer

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