How to Pick a Lawyer to Fight Your DUI Charges in Barnstable County

Facing DUI charges is a frightening experience. With the stiff penalties and strict DUI laws in Barnstable County, you need the right help on your side before you try to fight your cases. That usually means the need for a DUI defense attorney. Yet knowing how to pick a lawyer to fight your DUI charges in Barnstable County is not always easy. With so many attorneys out there serving the area, you need some strategies to narrow down your search. There are a few ways you can compare the attorneys in your area, so you can find the one that will give you the best chance of beating your DUI.


1. Local Attorney with Expertise

Finding a local Barnstable County attorney is essential. This helps in two ways. First, local attorneys know the local law enforcement providers and the local courts, so they can easily help you look for ways to shed some doubt on your case. Second, they will also be well-versed in the local laws. There can be nuances and changes in DUI law from one county to the next, and a local expert will help you keep track of these. This knowledge will help you know how to prepare for your DUI in Barnstable County district courts, so you enter the case feeling knowledgeable.


In addition, you will want to look for an attorney who has a measure of expertise, not just in practicing law, but in practicing DUI law specifically. Many of the top DUI defense attorneys only focus on DUI and OUI cases, not general criminal defense. This allows them to hone their skills to better focus on the needs of their clients, and it means you get attention from someone who knows DUI defense law well.


2. Reviews to Show a Track Record of Success

Next, look for reviews, but not just any reviews. Look for reviews from other clients in Barnstable County. Check Google, AVVO, and Yelp to see actual reviews from people who have used the attorney to fight their own Massachusetts DUI charges.


As you look at reviews, look for patterns. No matter how skilled a DUI defense lawyer is, they will have one or two clients who were unsatisfied. If the overall pattern is that of happy clients who had charges dismissed or lessened, then you’ve found a good lawyer who has a track record of success.


3. Awards and Licenses

As you narrow down your options, find out if the attorney is licensed in Barnstable County. Check with the Bar association to see what their current licenses are. You can also look for membership in professional organizations related to DUI defense law.


Beyond that, consider whether the attorney has won any awards. AVVO has a couple of awards it offers attorneys. First, attorneys who have a 9.0 or 10.0 rating with AVVO can earn AVVO Superb Rating. This rating comes from a complex algorithm, but it shows that the attorney satisfies their clients and has the right knowledge and training to get accolades from their peers. The AVVO Client Choice Award is another good one. This shows that clients highly rate the attorney as skilled in their practice area.


4. Confidence for Your Case

Finally, after you have a small list of potential attorneys, set up some consultations. At the consultation, outline the details of your case, and see if the attorney feels confident. You want to choose a Massachusetts DUI defense attorney who feels you have a strong chance of success with your case.


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