Facing a DUI in Norfolk County Court? Get a Local DUI Defense Lawyer.

You should never face a DUI / OUI charge alone. You’re going to want to contact a defense attorney as soon as you can, but not just any defense attorney will do. You’re going to need one that exclusively practices Massachusetts OUI / DUI law and is familiar with the court system where the charge took place.

Suppose you were driving to your home in Norfolk County, Massachusetts, and are pulled over by a police officer who proceeds to charge you with an OUI. In this case, the best way to build a solid defense is to work with a local OUI / DUI defense lawyer that knows the specific Norfolk County Court where you are being prosecuted and the judges that regularly appear there. 

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll find from working with a local DUI defense lawyer:

They Can Come to You

One of the most straightforward, practical things a local defense attorney can do to help you is meet you where you’re at, literally. Since your driver’s license will be suspended on account of your DUI / OUI charge, getting to and from a lawyer’s office can be more challenging than it otherwise would be. A defense attorney will know this, and since they’re local, it will be far easier to meet with them at a location convenient for you. For example, Attorney Joseph J. Higgins is more than willing to come to you, even during the weekend, to work out the next steps for your case.

Local Experience and Connections

A lawyer’s experience is the most important thing they will bring to your defense, especially when that experience is local. Facing a DUI / OUI in the Norfolk County Court system will be far easier with a lawyer who knows that system and has worked with its judges, prosecutors and law enforcement in the past. This experience gives them insights that they would not otherwise have.

Massachusetts OUI / DUI law won’t change from county-to-county, but judges can differ. For example, if a specific judge in the Norfolk County Court has a track record or weighing specific pieces of evidence over others, a locally experienced OUI / DUI defense attorney will likely know that and construct your defense accordingly.

Proven Track Record

A locally-based Norfolk lawyer will not only have the kind of experience your defense will benefit from but a track record of success at trial in the court where your case is pending.  And since a local DUI / OUI lawyer will have experience directly related to your case, you can take comfort in that you are in good hands.

If you have any questions about the Norfolk County Court and how it will affect your OUI / DUI charge, get in touch with us today! 

Surviving Your First OUI In Massachusetts

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