How to Get Your License Back After Being Charged with a DUI

If you’ve been pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving in Massachusetts, it’s important that you are properly informed on the potential repercussions you could face, especially with respect to your driver’s license.

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How Strict Are Massachusetts OUI Laws?

OUI law in the United States isn’t all that old. This makes sense seeing as how getting around by car is a modern convenience that most American families couldn’t afford just 50 years ago. This means that much of the local law is evolving with the...

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Unlawful Stops and DUIs

If you’ve been stopped for suspicion of DUI or OUI, your experience with an officer may have been unlawful, as not every traffic stop is legal. There are certain things you’ll want to be mindful of during a traffic stop that could make or break your...

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Entering Canada With a DUI

Getting across the Canadian border is not as simple a process as many believe. Canadians are especially tough when it comes to DUI/OUI law, as it will often affect who they let into their nation.

In the past, foreigners traveling into Canada would...

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A Quick Guide to Massachusetts OUI/DUI Laws


This doesn’t have to be a difficult process. If you’ve recently been charged with OUI or DUI in Massachusetts, asked to perform a field sobriety test, or you’re simply trying to educate yourself, you are already taking the first step to...

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Can You Get a Massachusetts Nursing License with a DUI?

If you are a registered nurse (RN) or a nursing student, a DUI can affect your livelihood. However, a DUI charge is not a conviction. Contact a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible to review your case if you've been charged with DUI.

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When Can I Get My License Back After a Third DUI?

You must wait 8 years to get your license back after a third DUI conviction. You also face a mandatory jail sentence. You become eligible for a hardship license 2 years into your 8-year suspension, but you may face a separate suspension period of 5...

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I've Been Charged with a DUI - What Will Happen to My Driver's License?

If you have recently been charged with an OUI here in Massachusetts, you are most likely facing some sort of license suspension.  The duration of that suspension will depend on the particulars of your case, but are largely influenced by your prior...

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