5 OUI Massachusetts Consequences You'll Want to Avoid

When you are charged with an OUI in Massachusetts, building a strong defense is important. The potential penalties you face after a conviction are quite high, and an OUI defense attorney can work towards a “not guilty” verdict or a dismissal of the case. Remember, your freedom, right to drive and money are at stake in these cases. Here are the five potential consequences that you will want to avoid.


1. Jail Time

One of the more serious penalties you can have if you are convicted of an OUI in Massachusetts is jail time. Going to jail can rob you of your job and time with friends and family. It can also be a permanent blight on your personal history that can make getting a job more difficult. Jail time is possible even with a first offense, so this is a penalty that is imperative to avoid.


2. Fines

Every guilty verdict in a Massachusetts OUI case comes with fines. They can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Working with an OUI attorney can help reduce the chances that you will face serious fines so that you can keep your hard-earned money.


3. Felony Conviction

Is an OUI a misdemeanor or a felony? The answer depends on the circumstances of the case. Some factors that can make a DUI a felony include:


  • child endangerment
  • repeated offenses
  • operating on a suspended license for a prior OUI
  • causing serious bodily injury
  • fatal DUI accidents


If you think your case may fall into one of these categories, getting help is even more vital. A skilled OUI attorney can help you reach a not-guilty verdict or get the felony charges dropped or reduced, even if you are still convicted of a misdemeanor crime. Either way, professional help may be all that stands between you and a felony charge that sticks. This is one of the reasons why it’s worthwhile to hire a lawyer.


4. Loss of License

Many DUI cases result in someone losing their license. This makes daily life difficult, making it hard to get to work or school. Again, this is an area where an attorney can be of significant help in your Massachusetts OUI case. Keeping your license is a top priority so that you can continue driving to your job without impact.


If your license is suspended, you are at risk of having it suspended even longer, if you aren’t careful. Driving on a suspended license can lead to revocation of your license for years or even for life. Again, keeping a lawyer on your side is essential.


5. Probation Violation Consequences

If your DUI case leads to probation, and you violate the terms of probation, you stand to lose even more. This includes the risk of having your license suspended for longer, more jail time, and additional, high fees.


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